Certification Schemes


Applicant Rotech Australia Pty Ltd
Address 4, Muir Place, Wetherill Park
NSW 2526 Australia
Issue Number 6
Issue Date 2023-08-16
Status Current
Manufacturer Rotech Australia Pty Ltd
4, Muir Place, Wetherill Park
NSW 2164 Australia

The applicant has two sites, with another recognised facility at 21 Prince of Wales
Avenue, Unanderra NSW 2526 Australia
Protection Type Ex 'd' Ex 'e' Ex 'n' Ex 't'(DIP)
Test Report WI-1572656, WI-1225995
Standards AS/NZS 3800:2020 AS/NZS 2290.1:2021
Issued By SAI Global
+10% GST for Australian customers

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