Certification Schemes

Participating ANZEx CBs & TLs - Equipment

Participating Certifying Bodies

ANZEx Certification Bodies are known within the scheme as ANZEx–CBs and their duties include:

  • Maintenance of accreditation by JAS-ANZ;
  • Evaluation/assessment of Test Reports/products and Product Quality Plans;
  • Providing the Administering Body with copies of the issued ANZEx Certificates of Conformity for registration in the central database;
  • Provision of an appeals mechanism;
  • Periodic assessment of Product Quality Plan reports, in compliance with the ANZEx Quality Management System Requirements, for manufacturers of equipment listed on the Certificates of Conformity.

Participating Test Laboratories

ANZEx Testing Laboratories are known within the scheme as ANZEx–TLs and their duties include:

  • Maintenance of accreditation with the relevant accreditation body (NATA or IANZ);
  • Testing in accordance with current Ex Standards;
  • Issue of Test Reports.

Currently 4 organizations participate as both ANZEx-CBs and ANZEx-TLs for the Equipment Certification Scheme.

SIMTARS [Code 2]

(Simtars) The Safety in Mines Test and Research Station
Phone:               (07) 3810 6333
Facsimile:           (07) 3810 6366
Website:            www.simtars.com.au
E-mail:              enquiries@simtars.com.au 
Address:            2 Robert Smith Street
                        Redbank QLD 4301
                        PO Box 467
                        Goodna QLD 4300


TestSafe Australia
Phone:               (02) 4724 4900
Website:            www.testsafe.com.au 
E-mail:               testsafe@safework.nsw.gov.au 
Address:            919 Londonderry Road
                         Londonderry N.S.W. 2753
                         PO Box 592
                         Richmond N.S.W. 2753

ExTC [Code 4]

Ex Testing and Certification Pty Ltd (formerly TÜV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd and formerly ITACS)
Phone:               +61 2 4964 5800
Website:            https://extesting.com.au 
E-mail:              info@extesting.com.au   
Address:            1/30 Kennington Drive
                         Tomago   NSW   2322

MSTC [Code 6]

Mine Safety Technology Centre (MSTC)
Phone:               +61 2 4963 8712
Website:            www.resourcesand energy.nsw.gov.au/miners-and-explorers/safety-and-health/about-us/mine-safety-technology-centre  
E-mail:              mohamed.abdelkrimi@planning.nsw.gov.au    
Address:            8 Hartley Drive
                         Thornton NSW 2322
                         PO Box 343 HRMC NSW 2310