Certification Schemes


ANZEx Certification Schemes

Welcome to the official website for the Australian Program for the Certification of Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres commonly referred to as the ANZEx Scheme. In Australia and New Zealand the installation standards for electrical equipment to be installed in a Hazardous Area require ‘Proof of Compliance’ according to a Type 5 scheme in AS/NZS [ISO/IEC]17065 and the associated rules. Either a Certificate of Conformity within this ANZEx Scheme or an IECEx Certificate of Conformity is deemed to comply with this requirement.

This website provides information about each of the schemes, the organizations participating and how each operates. An integral element is a database of most of the certificates ever issued for use in Australia.

For ALL enquiries regarding administration of the Schemes please ring 1300 737 731 or email admin@anzex.com.au.

Should you wish to contact the Adminstration Management please email management@anzex.com.au.

Copies of Certificates

A feature is available on this website that provides the ability to obtain copies of Certificates of Conformity issued within the Schemes. Unfortunately there are some certificates - particularly from the early era of the schemes - for which we have been unable to obtain copies and therefore cannot make these available. Where supplementary certificates have been issued they are included making each certificate complete with all its history. A charge of $27 plus GST is made for each certificate downloaded. In the near future additional features such as a complete database on disc and annual subscriptions will also be available.

To complete a transaction to download certificate/s it will be necessary to first register to obtain/create a user name and password. Please note the terms and conditions and privacy policy which must be agreed before proceeding.