Certification Schemes

Equipment Certificate Validity

Comments regarding the VALIDITY of Certificates

 Specific comments on the AUSEx Certificate's expiry date.

"Product manufactured before the expiry date of an AUSEx certificate may not reach market point of sale until after the date of expiry of the certificate. When this occurs, there have been reports of uncertainty on the validity of the certification.

Certificate holders under the AUSEx Scheme have responsibility to ensure that finished product from a manufacturer conforms to the Standard(s) and that the product is identical to the design of the product type tested.

Since the Certificate relates to the product and manufacturing, it logically follows (and is intended by the Scheme) that the Certificate expiry relates to manufacturing and not to events beyond manufacturing.

An AUSEx Certificate is therefore deemed valid for a product already installed or as long as there is evidence that manufacturing was completed prior to Certificate expiry."

The AUSEx Certification Scheme was finalised on 31 December 2017.

 Specific comments on the ANZ Ex Certificate Status.

An ANZ Ex Certificate [issued after 2002] will show either current, suspended, withdrawn or cancelled.

  • Current        = the certificate is still in use and the product is being manufacturered.
  • Suspended  = there is an issue with the manufacture of the product that is temporary
  • Withdrawn  = the ANZEx CB has withdrawn the Certificate and product is recalled and can no longer be manufactured.
  • Cancelled    = the manufacturer [certificate holder] has notified that the product is no longer being produced.