Certification Schemes


Applicant Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd
Address 9 Nelson Road
Cardiff, NSW 2285, Australia
Issue Number 10
Issue Date 2021-12-14
Status Date 2022-10-07
Status Cancelled
Manufacturer Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd
9 Nelson Road
Cardiff, NSW 2285, Australia
Protection Type Ex ‘d’ Ex ‘e’ Ex ‘n’ Ex ‘t’ (DIP)
Test Report WI-1188729
Standards AS/NZS 3800:2020 AS/NZS 2290.1:2014
Issued By SAI Global Ltd
Notes This certificate was CANCELLED on 2022-10-07 on the instruction of the ANZEx ExCB. This CANCELLATION does NOT affect equipment manufactured or installed prior to this date and such equipment is not subject to withdrawal from the market. Any queries should be directed to the Applicant or the ANZEx ExCB.
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