Certification Schemes

Scheme Rules - Equipment

The ANZEx Scheme rules and procedures for the equipment certification program are defined in Miscellaneous Publication MP87-1:2008. It is important to note that there is a change to the procedure for ANZEx certificates being issued on the basis of an existing AUSEx certificate of conformity. In this latest revision of MP87-1, when an application is made for ANZEx certification to be issued on the basis of existing AUSEx certification, then the product testing must be less than five years old. This means that new tests and assessment would be necessary where the previous tests were performed more than 5 years prior to the application for "roll-over" from AUSEx to ANZEx Certification. Note the above-mentioned change with respect to the procedure for issuing ANZEx certification. If you wish to apply for ANZEx certification based on your current AUSEx certificate of conformity, please complete the ANZEx Scheme application form available from the participating ExCBs.

Please contact the ExCB of your choice if you require additional information on this issue, or any other matter related to Ex certification and testing.