Certification Schemes

Scheme Rules - Service Facilities

Rules and Procedures

The ANZEx Scheme rules and procedures for the Service Facilities certification program are defined in Miscellaneous Publication MP87.2:2007 “Miscellaneous Publication, Australian/New Zealand Certification Scheme for explosion-protected electrical equipment (ANZEx Scheme), Part 2: Recognized Service Facilities Program—Basic rules and procedures”

Basic Process

A workshop applies to an Assessment Body for Recognition. The Assessment Body assesses the workshop in accordance with MP87.2 and, if satisfactory, a Certificate of Recognition is issued and details are recorded on this website.

Note: Each individual workshop site is assessed and, if satisfactory, each individual workshop is issued with a unique Certificate of Recognition. This occurs for organizations with multiple workshops. The purpose of every workshop having a unique Certificate of Recognition is for trace ability of repairs in a clear and transparent manner.

Certificates of Recognition

This has a unique identifier in the following format:

  • ANZExSF[space][2 digit year identifier].[unique 4 digit certificate number];
  • SF = Service Facility;
  • year = 2 digit number; e.g. 09 = 2009;
  • certificate number = 4 digit number where 1st digit is the code assigned to the assessment body and remaining 3 digits uniquely identifying the facility (e.g. ANZExSF 09.1001).