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Management Committee
Management Committee – MS-067

This management committee has been established within the Standards Australia committee structure and constituted according to their rules to ensure the process is as transparent as possible.

The committee membership consists of representatives from various industry groups such as:

  • Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce;
  • Australian Association of Certification Bodies;
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association;
  • Department of Mineral Resources NSW;
  • Department of Mines and Energy (QLD);
  • Electricity Standards and Safety (Tasmania);
  • International Accreditation New Zealand;
  • International Testing and Certification Services;
  • Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand;
  • Ministry of Economic Development (New Zealand);
  • National Association of Testing Authorities Australia;
  • New Zealand Employers and Manufacturers Association;
  • SIMTARS (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station);
  • Workcover New South Wales

as well as each of the organizations participating in the scheme.

As the name suggests this is a management committee whose responsibilities are to establish the rules of the scheme and ensure its smooth functioning. The day to day operation is delegated to an administrator to ensure all aspect are dealt with on a day by day basis.

The prime functions of the management committee are:

  • The Management Body decides which category/type of Standards are covered by the ANZEx Scheme and the Administering Body maintains a list of these Standards.
  • Oversight of the operation of the ANZEx Scheme through monitoring the performance of the Administering Body, ANZEx Certification Bodies, and ANZEx Testing Laboratories and accepting feedback from manufacturers, users, regulatory bodies installers and other stakeholders;
  • Making decisions about changes to the operation of the ANZEx Scheme as necessary to improve performance, direction, etc., including binding directions on the Administering Body;
  • Encouraging promotion (both nationally and internationally) of the ANZEx Scheme operations and objectives to all interested parties, including the benefits of bilateral uniformity in approach;
  • Periodically reviewing the operations of the ANZEx Scheme to ensure a match between objectives and delivery;
  • Setting and applying the criteria for the acceptance and appointment of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories seeking recognition to operate under the rules and procedures of the ANZEx Scheme;
  • Maintaining a watching brief on international developments in the area of explosion protected electrical equipment (for example, in the development of IEC Standards and activities of the IEC Ex Scheme);
  • Provide interpretations on any matter which may arise from the use of Publication MP 87;
  • Oversee the operation of the Technical Subcommittee MS-067-01.